Runa Berlīnes mūra krišanas 25. gadadienā

Berlines mura krisanai 25Brisele, Eiropas Parlaments, 2014.gada 11.novembris

Dear colleagues,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have different historical experiences. 25 years ago I was watching the fall of Berlin Wall on news program broadcast from Moscow and my country Latvia was still occupied by Soviet Union. For me and my compatriots the Second World War has not been ended.

Looking back to the revolutions of the 90s, I would like to particularly highlight the role of popular democratic movements in Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries bringing down the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union. I am grateful to the Chancellor Angela Merkel who recognised our contribution to the reunification of Germany in her speech at the ceremony in Berlin on November 9:  “We, Germans, will never forget that the freedom and democracy movements in Central and Eastern Europe paved the way for the happiest moment in our recent history.”

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